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No Place for Racism in Powerlifting & Society

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Message to 365 SWPF Members:

I’m deeply upset by the senseless loss of George Floyd as well as the hateful reaction it caused in the death of retired St. Louis police officer David Dorn. I know we stand as one to offer both families our thoughts and prayers.

My prayers also go out to the many that suffered loss…no matter if it’s a loss of life, business, home or property.

Having been in sports practically all my life and powerlifting since 1979 through present day, beginning as a competitor and now as the federation chairman, I have had no tolerance for racist remarks or beliefs. I always found racist comments or actions to reflect ignorance or limited thinking. Throughout my years as a higher education consultant and sports I have worked very closely with people of all races, faiths and backgrounds, with the believe all people are equal.

Racist actions and/or remarks by Metal Powerlifting Equipment founder Año Turtiainen of Finland has again made the news this week. This kind of behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated now or in the future. In response to those that ask about the use of previously purchased Metal Gear or Equipment. We feel by immediately banning Metal products many 365 SWPF athletes would suffer due to monies already spent on their products. So, rather than penalize our athletes and cause greater financial hardship, we’ve decided to allow pre-approved Metal Gear to be used. The future purchase of new or additional Metal Products is not permitted.

365 SWPF is into our 5th year of operation. We have and will continue be a federation that strongly supports and promotes all athletes, hosts, sponsors, etc. No matter your race, religion, etc. we move forward together as one...equals. People trust others once they know you care. Let our actions speak louder than words. Together we will make a difference!

Bill Clary

Federation Chairman

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