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Event Partner Program

The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation has established our "Partnership Program" to link the athlete to beneficial products and/or services that support their efforts. Partnering businesses can choose their level of involvement or support from a menu of program options.  For inquiries about becoming an event partner and reviewing the various options, please email us at Event Marketing
Beneficial Features to Partnering Businesses and Athletes alike:

>Partners may choose from 1) supporting all federation events for one fiscal year, 2) support a select number of events for one fiscal year, 3) support and select one event at a time

>Partner contributions go directly toward, promote partner, athletes and events, event awards, annual team       derby and in other ways that support our athletes.

 >Promote your Company Brand to your primary demographic "user"

 >Receive direct website link from this site to yours 
 >Event partners are highlighted in event programs & flyers, social media, etc.
 >Promotional email blasts to our 365 Strong membership 
 >Choose from a variety of partnership programs
 >Event partners may display their products or services
 >An ongoing array of live event announcements that inspire people to your display area
 >Event display of your company banner…increased visibility
 >Pre and Post-Event promo-news highlighting your brand
 >Live podcasts or zoom broadcasts at our events, aired on social media   
 >Live and recorded on and off-site interviews that support your products or services

>Become a VIP Host Partner for a specific event(s) name highlights the event title

 Click on the "Partner Options" button to select your level of involvement and investment. To inquire directly about current or future event partnership detail please email us at Event Marketing.  Or, call direct at 704.236.1899.  Thank you!

365 Strong Event Partners

Dynabody Fitness Equipment
365 Strong Equipment Standards
F8 Custom Gear
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SportKraft USA
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ES - Elite Strength Gear
ES Powerlifting Gear
Warrior Strength Project
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Darksyde Ironwear
Main Darkside Ironwear Logo.jpg
Powerlifting Website
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