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Bouafia Mohamed
365 - Adam Stacharowski_DL
Eugene Bazemore_Deadlift
Female Power Evolution
365 - Nevaeh McIntosh at Nationals
365 - Joe McGinnis - SQ
365 - Missy Taylor - SQ
365 - Dawn O'Donnell_DL
365 - Emily Lilly
365 - Dasan Bender
365 - Doug Smithey_BP Setup
365 - World Games Best Lifter
365 - Givi displays championship belts
Shelley Yates - SQ
365-National Team Champs
365-Doug and Bill holding the National belt
365 - Melissa Smith-DL
Chris Williamson - bp
365 - Adam Romero-SQ
365 - Morgan Long-DL_edited
365 - Bill-Joey-Doug BP Records
365 - Duncan Hundley
Thomas LaRocco
Derek Williams
Carmen Trivette
365 - Sharon Crook
365 - New Worlds Logo
365 - Karl Tillman - Award Pic
365 - Matt Borquez - Best Lifter - DL
Kids Club
365 - Bill Gillespie - WR
365 - Jussi Kananen
365 - Nebobarbell Team
Message from the President

Since day #1, the 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation has been and is committed to providing all athletes, hosts, sponsors, and spectators with a culture that reflects Sport Integrity, Professionalism and Ethical Behavior. We believe in treating every participating individual the same way we would expect to be treated...with honesty and respect!


We stand committed to ensure all athletes receive a welcoming environment that places an unwavering focus on equipment and lifter safety, fair and consistent judging and individual promotion as a priority! We remain approachable to the athlete and as federation president, I welcome any questions, concerns, etc.


There's a lot to be excited about throughout 2023!! Together let's go enjoy the moment!


Bill Clary

Please visit our Support Team

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Tate Manning breaks the Teen-1 Deadlift World Record!

Road to World Powerlifting Games 2023

365 Strong Rocks Powerlifting World!

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