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Event Staff Sign-up Board

The 365 SWPF is always on the lookout for key meet personnel that have experience in all positions listed below, no matter the event or location. Please review the various job options and roles of each position and make your selections (one or more).  Provide us with the name of the event(s), date(s) and location(s) you are willing or able to work. Please respond by via email at or click on the "Job Board" link (at the bottom of the page) and submit your application after filling out all appropriate information. All event staff personnel will be compensated for their time and effort as well as receive a free meet t-shirt. Thank you.

International Referees

The 365 SWPF referee is required to have significant competitive powerlifting experience. Candidates must take and pass the 365 SWPF Referee Exam (written and verbal) and be knowledgeable on the detail that's presented in the 365 SWPF Rule Book.  Inexperienced or new referees may first be required to shadow a veteran referee prior to holding down a chair.  

Scoring and/or Music Coordinator

Candidates should be either experienced or a quick study on 1) learning our scoring database program or 2) is well versed in locating music selections on spotify. Can handle working at a rapid pace.

Spotter & Loader

Experience a must. Can appreciate the large role you play in contributing to an athletes safety and meet flow. 

Warm-up area Coordinator

This person is responsible for ensuring all lifters have access to the equipment they need while preparing for competition. Also, control personnel access (lifters and trainers only) and help those needing assistance.   

Event Marketing Rep

This individual should be experienced in event promotion and piggy back marketing. Assist with generating sponsors that support the federation while promoting their own services or products. 

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