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365 SWPF was founded in 2016, over the past six plus years 365 SWPF has been one of the fastest growing powerlifting federations in the world. Presently there are nearly 4,000 members throughout the globe with national ties to the USA, India, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Greece, Germany, Finland, Uganda and Brazil. 

365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation (365 SWPF) is committed to maintaining a culture that is built on unifying our sport and empowering to the lifter.  (1) To maintain an environment that focuses on promoting our ATHLETES, EVENT HOSTS as well as the vast number of people that support your federation.  (2) To keep providing extraordinary powerlifting events on a state, regional, national and international level!  (3) To treat all athletes with respect and without discrimination, no matter the brand of competition gear they choose, whether they're a "Tested" or "Untested" athlete or the Federation they come from.    

NEWS:  Federation & Industry News Updates
Keeping you informed and up to date with federation news and stories.
COMMITTEE:  Advisory Committee 

We surround ourselves with industry experts that are connected to the latest need to know information.

FEDERATION CHAIRMEN - State, Regional & International Chairs

​Current state, regional and international chairmen and chair openings.


​Internationally approved referees and an exam link.


​Current gyms that support and promote 365 Strong Events.


​What are they saying?  Lifter testimonials.


​This page promotes our federation's athletes, present and past.


365 Strong membership comes with benefits.

"I started talking to a group of friends about the 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation. Then, another groups of guys and ladys where asking about the Federation. I was happy to give out the web site and answer question and tell them about the upcoming meets. Happy to be apart of something this great and awesome!"

Kenny Cherry

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