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Lifter Testimonials - Written & Video

"I'd like to recognize how well the meet was ran and how founding chairman Bill Clary has put a big emphasis on promoting the lifters at the meets more than anything else. He truly wants a federation that is for the lifters and did everything from making sure all lifters were properly warmed up before starting flights, to giving advice between attempts and words of encouragement during and between lifts. He is all about integrity of the judging and keeping things transparent. I look forward to competing more in this federation in the future."

Jason Sharpe

Testimonials From World Powerlifting Games 2023:

"I'm very happy and satisfied for everything, especially meeting you guys in 365 world games, all of you athletes and staff, and I really appreciate all what you've done for my freind!"  - Bouafia Mohamed (Algeria)

"Thank you for all you and Maureen do and Jana I know it’s a lot of logistics involved and hard work. I just want you guys to know I appreciate everything you do."  - Derek Williams (USA)

Great freaking meet on Sunday. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the comradery. Y’all always make it look effortless! - Scott Jelleyman (USA)

"We love your World Games...we come every year! - Givi Margvelashvili (Georgia)

"Thanks so much for all the work you put in to make the Worlds meet this past weekend so successful. There were so many great lifters and lifts. I really enjoyed my day there. Thanks also for getting me out of there to make my plane!" - Roy Apseloff (USA)

Additional videos and testimonials can be found below and on our News page

Hanna Young & Mariah Flint with Charis after Europa

Jeff Guller and Charis after Victory Cup

Desi Hubbard and Charis after Victory Cup

Jason LeGrand chats with Charis during Europa

Rainne Hill and Charis after Victory Cup

Tim Workman and Charis after Europa Games

What people are saying about their 365 SWPF experience


"The communication to the lifters leading up to the meet was phenomenal. Today went off beautifully!

Really need to say awesome job by the spotters over the weekend of the Europa Games. Spotters can make or break a meet. These guys kept everyone safe, and caught some insanely heavy weight on some missed lifts."

Dallas Norris


"Beyond proud to be apart of 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation. To be able to not only compete with some of the best lifters around, but to make new friends and to see and push each other to new goals and accomplishments is the biggest honor. I am definitely looking forward to future competitions to come!"

Tim Workman


"Could not have asked for a better group... You guys rocked!"  

Eric Hillman, Owner of Europa Sports

"Thanks to all that are over these events for keeping us informed the whole way and going above and beyond to give us details on where to go, what to do, and step by step of the entire process. You guys were awesome and I absolutely loved that we got to get pumped up to our own songs during the lifts! Definitely a different experience, but most definitely a good one."  

Courtney Norris

"You guys are always putting the lifters first!  One of the many reasons myself and members from my gym will always return to 365!!"

Brian Hill

"You have built an amazing organization and have some outstanding people involved in it. For me it was a great and inspiring experience to be around all of these people and seeing their diversity and dynamics and learning who they are and what drives them. The expression “muscle Head” goes right out the window when it comes to these people. They are sons and daughters, moms and dads, and yes even grandmas and grandpas. Some of them were textile workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, lawyers, and even a tribal chief. They were from all of the U S, Europe, and India. They all have great personalities and we’re willing to share their experiences and what drives them. If you showed any interest in what they do, they would encourage you. One of the women in this organization who competed in the Arnold Classic was listening to me talk about my dream to one day compete in a triathlon and said, “when you do this, I will be there and support you.”
I may lose my “man card” for this but, every time I think back to that conversation I get a tears in my eyes. Again, this is who they are! I have been watching on your media pages and trying to keep up with these events and seeing records being set and broken and thinking “I wish I was there for that.” Last year I’m sure was phenomenal when Bill Gillespie at 62 years old broke the world record for bench weight and held it for 7 weeks, wow! My health has declined over the last several years due to knee problems which led to other health issues. I decided at the beginning of the year(along with all of the other “Resolutionaries”) to try to get in better shape and be healthier with a lot of events coming up in the coming year(s) including a wedding. I started a multitude of things on January 3rd, and have gone non stop since. Between eating healthier, hormone therapy, dietary supplement, and the gym, it’s working. As I have been posting along the way and monitoring progress, there have been supporters. Among the supporters are once again members of 365 STRONG! It’s one thing to have encouragement, but when it comes from the people of your organization, it’s on a whole other level. These people are the epitome of strength, fitness, resilience, and determination. Thank you again Bill and Maureen for introducing me to this concept and way of life and the people who embody this federation.!" 

Jamie Bakis

"I wanted to say thank you for a great meet this weekend, it was a wonderful experience and it was great meeting such amazing people for me since it was my first time. I look forward for future events with the federation. Thank you for all your help as well before the competition."

Kevin Londe

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