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Welcome to the 365 SWPF!

365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation (365 SWPF) was created to unite the world through our sport and empower all competitors.  We welcome all athletes, without discrimination, no matter what gear (or not) they choose to wear to compete or whether they want to be drug tested or not drug tested. Lifters only compete against "like" competition.
Our commitment to the athletes:

Specifically, 1) we promote all lifters, hosts and others that support 365 SWPF before, during and following all federation events, 2) all referees must pass our written and situational oral examinations and each is evaluated on actual performance prior to gaining approval as an International referee, 3) all lifters have access to the best equipment - mono-lifts, compeition benches and Rogue calibrated Kilo plates, 4) athletes have a choice to lift to their own walk-up lifting song or not, 5) we put a premium on lifter safety and ensure only experienced spotters are assigned to the platform, 6) we introduce all competitors to the crowd during our opening ceremonies to appreciate the work they've put in to prepare for competition, 7) our awards are awesome, 8) we believe in communication, so the lifters know what's going on at all times leading up to an event (lesson lifter anxiety), and finally 9) we believe in running events that are highly organized, high energy and transparent in nature.

The 2018 & 2019 World Powerlifting Games were a major success!! Each year the event has attracted 100 elite athletes from 12 nations and 28 states across the USA. Several all time world records fell and many more current internation records were achieved as well!  Special thanks to our meet hosts, athletes, officials, event staff and supporters for your participation and dedication!!   


The "2020 World Powerlifting Games" will include both "tested" and "untested" divisions in Full Power, Push Pull, Squat only Bench only & Deadlift only.  The 2020 event is slated for May 2-3, 2019 at Q Athletic Performance Center in Mooresville, NC.  (Approximately 20-25 minutes from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). 

The links shown below provide NEW "Tested" and "Untested" standards for Men and Women.  For the 2020 World Powerlifting Games there are 3 ways to qualify, 1) athletes must hit an "Elite" qualifying "total or lift", 2) a lifter "wins" their weight class/division at an automatic "qualifying event", or 3) is "INVITED" to participate by the 365 SWPF!  Please note that Junior Division participants is for Novice lifters only and no qualifying total or lift is required.

If you meet any of the above requirements you may proceed to register! 

Female "Tested"

Female "Untested"

Male "Tested"

Male "Untested"

Jussi Kananen is the new national chairman for Finland!!
Jussi Kananen
Rauli Tsirekidze of Georgia
International Athletes and Country Leaders Welcome
We would like to welcome all present and former athletes, meet organizers and those that feel that their experience would be an asset to this federation and the sport in your country.  
Recently 365 SWPF has appointed Jussi Kananen of Finland and Rauli Tsirekidze of Georgia, national chairman for their nations. Each is presently working on plans to promote and hold 365 SWPF events in Finland and Georgia in their country and throughout the regions that surround them! 
We continue to consider all other national chairman requests from various nations who will commit to the ideals and standards established by 365 SWPF.  Please submit job requests along with a complete summary of your powerlifting background, contacts and promotional experience.
Also, tell us why you feel you would be the best person to promote our sport, generate interest and participation and represent our brand to your nation.
All those interested in being considered are asked to email us ASAP!
Rauli Tsirekidze
Participating Nations




United States









2018 & 2019 World Powerlifting Game Photos

Here's a few of the photos and videos from this years World Games! 

2019 Worlds Repeat Champ - Carolina Fitn
365 - Jason LeGrand marking his territor

All international and domestic fees can be made payable to the following 365 Strong account: 

Name of the Account:  365 Strong Powerlifting Federation LLC

Name of the Bank:  First Citizens Bank

Account #:  009160327716

Routing #:  053100300

International Wire Swift Code:  FCBTUS33XXX

Address:  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Inquiries Regarding Payment:  Go to

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