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Certified Gym Affiliates

The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation believes in recognizing the growing network of 365 SWPF Certified Gyms that promote powerlifting as well as appreciating all gym members associated with any affiliated gym.


Gyms that become a Certified as 365 SWPF “Affiliate” Members are approved to use our trademarked logo or images to promote their gym, the sport and any 365 SWPF upcoming events.  Twice a month we will post affiliate list updates on our website. Each gym will be recognized on the website, Facebook group page, other social media sources and 365 SWPF event programs.


Affiliate Gyms must agree to honor all members of Affiliated gyms.  Specifically, when members of our affiliates visit your area they can expect full usage to your equipment and facilities with no daily charge.  Any additional discounts on apparel, etc. are listed below.  Please note, guest members must abide by all rules and regulations of the gym you’re visiting or risk losing all membership privileges indefinitely.  Also, appreciate this is a benefit to our gyms and members that VISIT an area outside the territorial proximity of a members "home" gym.  Gym owners reserve the right to determine entry based on these guidelines.  Thanks.

2021-2022 Team Powerlifting Derby!!


Beginning November 1, 2021 and running through October 23, 2022 the 365 SWPF will be holding a "Team Powerlifting Derby"!

So, each time your team, nation or gym enters any 365 SWPF meet between the dates mentioned above they would receive points in various categories. Points will continue to accumulate each meet your team enters.  At years end the team(s) with the most points receive the following!

1st Place - $1,000 Grand Cash Prize, plus other sponsorship contributions 

2nd Place - Cash Prize, plus other sponsorship contributions

3rd Place - Cash Prize, plus other sponsorship contributions  

Additional detail will be identified on the dedicated web page soon!

Federation Gym Affiliate Partners 

Marion, NC - NeboBarbell.jpg

Jacksonville, NC

MLC - Hybrid Theory Athletics.jpg

Fayetteville, NC - Rhinos Gym

Florence, KY

Florence Strength & Conditioning.jpg

Certified Training Facility

Wongo's Barbell, Carthage, NC - Wongo's Barbell

Monroe, NC - Carolina Fitness Center

Portsmouth, OH

Bar Benders.jpg

Cave City Fitness, Cave City, KY - Green Co. Fitness, Greensburg, KY

N. Wilkesboro, NC - Muzz's Gym

Pride Conditioning, Charlotte, NC - Pride Conditioning

Roanoke Rapids, NC - New Day Fitness
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