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Records / Top 10 Rankings

Due to the increasing number of athletes currently competing in 365 SWPF events we're upgrading the format that displays lifter ranking. We will have all Male and Female, both Overall and Tested, links posted below displaying the divisional "Best of the Best" and then all of the Top 10 ranked athletes in each division.  Updates will be posted within 5 days following each 1-day event, 2-3 weeks when event goes 2 days or more.

If your name does not appear on either the Overall or Tested Best of the Best list or the rankings list of top 10 in your division's weight class please contact us via email (click).  All certificates for World Records and Elite Lift(s) and/or Total will be mailed out at no expense to the athlete, Elite certificates are mailed or emailed only upon request. Divisional lifting Standards and International and National meet Qualifiers can be found at  One important thing of note, if you plan on breaking a record at an upcoming meet download a copy of "Best of the Best" and bring it to the meet to have your attempt acknowledged during the event. Contact us if you think you have earned either certificate. Rest assured we will follow-up to confirm your request. Thank you.

State & International Records

Federation growth and geographical expansion has made it necessary for us to list both state and international record holders, by division and weight class.  It'll be all inclusive, all states and country's record holders will be listed. State and International certificates are available upon request.

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