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365 Strong PowerUp Kids Club

The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is committed to taking an active role in introducing children of all ages to the sport of powerlifting. Our 365 Strong PowerUp Kids Club is designed to 1) teach the basic fundamentals, 2) the joys of accomplishment, 3) sharing and supporting others, 4) sharing a common moment with their parents and/or grandparents and 5) provide a safe and positive environment.     

Please note, that Kids Club participants do not need to wear a singlet to participate. 

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Honorary Membership
All children receive an Honorary Kids Club membership once they enter any future 365 SWPF powerlifting event.  If or when that day comes whereby they desire to compete in the Youth Division they qualify for a $25 discount for a VIP Lifetime membership!
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Meet Deadlift

Initially, we start kids off by learning the proper techniques for the deadlift. Once the kids make it to the platform they will have 2 attempts to make one pull and then one chance at pulling for reps (60 percent of their max pull).  

Kids Club Features & Benefits
  • All parents or guardians must sign a waiver of participation consent document. The Kids Club division will be noted on a meets registration form.     

  • All children will have access to pre-meet fundamental training programs and/or basic training sessions at the meet location and prior to taking the platform.

  • Upon meet entry kids receive an Honorary 365 Strong PowerUp Kids Club Membership. If or when they wish to continue and enter as a Youth or Teenage competitor, they are eligible for a $25 discount on a VIP Lifetime membership. 

  • Members receive a 365 Strong PowerUp Kids Club t-shirt

  • Participating members will be receive a great award for their efforts.

  • Follow-up training through the 365 SWPF will be available upon request.

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