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The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation offers athletes a choice in Membership Options. Once you've selected your membership choice complete your membership application, then pay the appropriate fee using PayPal shown below:


1.  Adult VIP Lifetime Membership (age 20+), never pay another membership fee!

2.  Youth, Teen and M/P/F VIP Lifetime Membership, never pay another membership fee!

3.  Adult Annually Renewable Membership (age 20+), renew each year

4.  Youth, Teen and M/P/F Annually Renewable Membership, renew each year

5.  Annual to Lifetime Upgrade, this is a limited time offer for any current or former Annual Card holders 

New!  Referral Payback Program:  During this limited time offer, when any Lifetime Member refers a newly paid Lifetime Member (whereby you're named as the referring source on their membership apllication) you'll immediatley receive a referral cash back payment of $10, via PayPal! There's no limit on how many referrals you can make.

Thank you!

Pay Now using PayPal.  Click the button below to choose and pay for your Membership choice easily and quickly.


  • Lifetime Members can register for any 365 Strong sanctioned event now and in the future by paying only the meet registration fee.  

  • When attending a meet you aren't participating in Lifetime Members may gain free entrance, except when the meet host controls the door receipts.

  • Your kids (12 and under) can attend meets you participate in at no cost.

  • You may request an e-copy of the 365 Strong monthly e-newsletter with the latest news, upcoming events, results and notes. 

  • Discounts on 365 Strong T-shirts, Lifting Gear and Apparel. 

  • Membership discounts when participating in any 365 SWPF supported workshops, etc.

  • 365 Strong Affiliate Member Gym's provide a discount in workout fees to all VIP members while you're visiting their regional area.  

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