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Qualifiers & Standards

The links shown at the bottom of this page provide "Tested" and "Untested" ranking standards for Men and Women.

National and International events have several ways to qualify by division (listed below):

1.) Achieve a qualifying lift or total from any federation

"World Event" Qualifiers by Division:

2.) Open Division athletes are can qualify by posting a Class I Standard minimum lift or total through a "Tested" or "Untested" classification, for posted results from any federation and as it applies to your division and weight class.  Links for lifting Standards for all "tested" and "untested" divisions are shown at the bottom of this page. 

3.) Juniors (20-23),  Sub-Masters (35-39), Masters, Teen, Youth, M/P/F, Novice and Para-Lifter/Special Olympian Divisions may gain entry by winning your divisions weight class at a meet designated as a national or international qualifier    

4.) 365 SWPF may extend an "OFFICIAL INVITATION" to any deserving athlete (all lifter requests are considered)  

5.) Record holder from any federation for total or lift are pre-approved for entry...request an Invitation! 

6.) Other entry requirements regarding Novice, Teenage, Youth and Para-Lifter/Special Olympian Divisions:  If none of the above factors apply you must make a request via email at 365 SWPF will review all requests and either approve your request or reject it within a 48 hours time frame following your submission

National and international bench only qualifiers for Male & Female Open, Juniors, M/P/F, Sub-Masters, Masters and Para-Lifters will be consistent with the qualifying standards listed above. In order to qualify lifters must post a qualifying bench in any sanctioned meet (in any federation) or receive a 365 SWPF Invitation. 


If you meet any of the above requirements you may proceed to register! 

Please note: Due to the large number of lifters now competing in 365 Strong events it's become difficult keeping up with Elite (Pro) and Record achievements. So, anyone achieving a record of any kind or an Elite (Pro) lift and/or total should submit your recognition request via email. Thank you. 

Female "Tested"
Male "Tested"
Female "Untested"
Male "Untested"
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