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Hall of Fame

The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation, in recognition of athletic accomplishment, leadership, inspiration to other or the continued promotional contributions or support of this federation and the sport, we will annually induct 3-5 new members into the 365 SWPF "Hall of Fame"!  The HOF Induction Ceremony will be held each year prior to the World Powerlifting Games. Next HOF Induction: October 19, 2024.

The 2024 list of HOF Candidates will be voted on by our induction committee between now and September 21, 2024!!

Committee Voting on the Hall of Fame Class of 2024
new Inductees to be announced by the end of September!

Hall of Fame Class of 2023 Announced!
The following candidates have been selected to enter the 2023 Hall of Fame:
Willis Lewis, Melissa Smith, John von Rohr, John Mattei, Nathan Crawford and Chad Hickam!!
The Induction Ceremony was held on October 20, 2023 on the eve of World Powerlifting Games 2023.  
365 - John von Rohr.jpg

John von Rohr

Melissa Smith

365 - Melissa Smith_SQ.jpg

John Mattei

365 - John Mattei_bp.jpg

Willis Lewis

365 - Willis Lewis_big pic.jpg

Chad Hickam

365 - Chad Hickam_chalking.jpg

Nathan Crawford

365 - Nathan Crawford.jpg
Hall of Fame Class of 2022:
Bill Gillespie, Doug Smithey, Dustin McClure, Janet Martin, Joey Smith, Maureen Clary, Derrick Pinckney, Jeff Guller, Danny Plyler, Bill Clary, Rob Bumgarner, Tim Metcalf, Corey McManus, Shelley Yates, David Crater, Shannon Nash, Missy Taylor, Curtis Rabon
365 - Doug Smithey_BP Setup.jpg

Doug Smithey

365 - Maureen Clary...Squat.jpg

Maureen Clary

365 - Bill Gillespie.jpg

Bill Gillespie

365 - Joey Smith_HOF Pic.jpeg

Joey Smith

365 - Dustin McClure.jpg

Dustin McClure

365 - Curtis Rabon.jpg

Curtis Rabon

365 - Shannon Nash.jpg

Shannon Nash

365 - David Crater.jpg

David Crater

missy taylor II.jpg

Missy Taylor

365 - Janet Martin_BP.jpg

Janet Martin

365 - Corey McManus _ Europa.jpg

Corey McManus

365 - Tim Metcalf_Curl.jpg

Tim Metcalf

365 - Shelley Yates - SQ.jpg

Shelley Yates

365 - Danny Plyler.jpg

Danny Plyler

365 - Rob Bumgarner Bench Ready.jpg

Rob Bumgarner

365 Derrick Pinckney.jpg

Derrick Pinckney

365 - Jeff Guller.jpg

Jeff Guller

365 - Bill Clary.jpg

Bill Clary

HOF Class of 2022

Hall of Fame Class of 2022

HOF Induction Process
Each year members of our HOF Selection Committee will nominate all note worhty candidates, out of which between 5-8 nominees receiving a majority of the votes will be selected.
365 - New Worlds Logo.jpg
Induction Date & Location

The site of 2022 HOF Induction Ceremony will be Friday October 21st at 6:15 pm, located at the 2022 World Powerlifting Games held at the Rise Indoor Sports Complex, Advance, NC. 

HOF Induction Criteria
  • The inductee must have made a historically significant contribution to the 365 SWPF through the inductee’s performance, leadership, inspiration to others or the federations promotional contributions.

  • A HOF candidate, if an athlete, must have competed in 365 SWPF events over a minimum of 3 calendar years.

  • Each year, there will be a nomination period whereby no less than 5 and no more than 8 nominees’ will be selected per year for induction. The selection process will be carried out the HOF selection committee.

  • HOF selection committee members are committed to maintaining a high ethical standard and level of confidence as to the selection process.

  • HOF selection committee members must place value in the integrity of the selection process, not allowing personal biased or friendships to enter their decision-making process.

  • Each committee member may nominate a maximum of 8 inductees per year. Of those 8 its highly recommended that of those induction candidates they provide candidates from a variety of categories. Categories options: Tested/Untested, Male/Female, Raw/Raw Classic, Equipped/Geared, All Ages, Masters, M/P/F, etc. as well as Referee, Sponsor or federation Contributor.  

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