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>Follow the road to world events by turning to World News Central  
>Via Zoom or Podcast, we will feature broadcasts of federation news and information updates, as well as Q & A discussions, training secrets, interviews, etc. 
>Meet results, current record holders and lifter rankings are posted on this website within 48 hours following each meet. 
>365 Strong maintains a position of promoting the athletes, hosts and our team of supporting partners that make up the foundation of this federation. We have a "no discrimination" policy regarding race, culture, nationality, religion or political beliefs. We welcome unity in our sport for all athletes no matter if an athlete is "tested" or "untested", geared or raw, novice or World Champion or a youth or masters lifter.   
>Janet Martin coordinates our Instagram marketing efforts and boosts member videos and photos continuously promoting 365 SWPF members. 
>Kim Helm will post video via social media promoting our athletes, supporting cast of partners, meet hosts, etc.

365 Strong at the Arnold Classic
20 athletes represented 365 Strong at the Arnold Classic 2024. Of those athletes 365 Strong members took home approximately 19 lifters were recognized for having earned a first or second place finish. 
Athletes representing 365 Strong:  Nevaeh McIntosh, Sarah Oesch, Beverly Lemay, Crystal Prather, Heather Streible. Maureen Clary, Janet Martin, Jojo Brasseaux, Gary Teeter, Tom LaRocco, David Rainwater, Tony Whiting, Oliver George, Steve Scott, Levi Gillespie, Burt Conley, Derek Williams, Hanz Hoag and Larry Ulrich.
Though competing in what was a XPC meet, all new 365 Strong World Records will be counted as such.   


The USPA has come under fire today for covering up an apparent sex scandle amoung other things.

Tune into this YouTube video for more info:  (24) Did USPA Powerlifting Try to BURY the Chico Cloyne SEX SCANDAL? - YouTube

2024 News and Notes

  • Dynabody Equipment for Sale: 365 SWPF members and meet hosts can now purchase all Dynabody equipment at discounted prices! Monolifts, Competition Benches (with or without face savers), bars as well as all of other supplemental equipment your gym needs! Contact us via email for pricing. 

2024 Hall of Fame Class Inducted

The Hall of Fame Class of 2024 will be inducted at a date to be announced following World Powerlifting Games 2024. The HOF Induction Committee will be making their selections between the USA Nationals on May 18-19, 2024 and the last meet prior to World Games 2024 on October 18-20, 2024!   

Dates to Remember
May 18-19, 2024 - USA National Championship (FP, PP and single lift SQ, BP, DL, SC)
October 18, 2024 - World Power Lift Challenge (Traditional Strict Curl & Rep Competition)
October 19-20, 2024 - World Powerlifting Games (FP, PP and single lift SQ, BP, DL)
Bill Gillespie breaks the All-Time Open & Masters-5 Raw Bench World Record!!
Bill Gillespie, the 62-year old from Forest, VA, broke the Masters-5 SHW Raw Bench World Record as he shedded the gear for the last time before retiring.  At the January 21, 2022 New Year Power Bash in Charlotte, NC Bill benched an incredible 1129.9lb!! 
Barbara Haiden easily breaks All-Time Masters-7 World Record!!
Barbara Haiden, the 71-year old from Conway, SC broke the 181 lb. Masters-7 Raw Classic All-Time World Record in each lift and total.  At the Fit4Life Power Slam in Fayetteville, NC Barbara posted a 386 lb. squat, 287 lb. bench, 386 lb. deadlift for an 1058 lb. total!!!
Duncan Hundley breaks All-Time Junior World Records!!
Tested athlete Duncan Hundley broke the Junior All-Time Unlimited World Record December 4, 2021 by squatting 1135 lb. and totalling 2712 lb.!!  This after his October 17th single-ply All-Time Juniors World Record bench of 926 lb.!  All records were recorded in the 308 lb. weight class.
Current Federation All-Time Record Holders!!
These 365 SWPF athletes currently hold powerlifting All-Time World Records!! 
Karl Tillman, Full Power, SP, M-4 All-Time World Record

Karl Tillman, FP, M-4, SP, 275 lb. Wgt. Class

Bill Gillespie, M-5 Bench All-Time World Record

Bill Gillespie, BP, M-5, MP, 308 lb. Wgt. Class

Doug Smithey, M-2 Bench All-Time World Record

Doug Smithey, BP, M-2, MP, 275 Wgt. Class

Shannon Nash, M-2/Open Bench All-Time World Record

Shannon Nash, BP, M-2/Open, R, 181 lb Class

Maureen Clary, M-6 Bench All-Time World Record

Maureen Clary, BP, M-6, Raw, 165 lb. Wgt Class

Todd Campo, M-6 Bench All-Time World Record

Todd Campo, BP, M-6, SP/MP, 220 lb Class

Federation News Flash 

2024 begins our 9th year!!  

  • The Juniors (20-23) and Sub-Masters (35-39) Divisions have been added to all upcoming meets

  • International expansion into Scotland is coming soon

  • The 2024 Upcoming Event Schedule has expanded with more meets than in any previous calendar year

  • Turn to the Event Job Board to apply to work (various jobs are available) at any upcoming event

  • The new 365 Strong PowerUp Kids Club has been created to allow any child the opportunity to deadlift in future upcoming events

  • We will reward our future All-Time World Record holders, like no other federation

  • We have established the Annual Team Derby, paying out cash and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • We wish to thank YOU...our 365 Strong membership, all international referees and meet personnel, our awesome event hosts and the growing support of event partners who's commitment will make 2024 extraordinary!!      

Gillespie and Smithey set a new All-Time Bench Records!!
Both Bill Gillespie's 1052.7 lb. bench on March 6, 2021 and Doug Smithey bench of 925.93 lb. on February 20, 2021 exceeded the All-Time World Record, Bill's for Masters-5 and Doug for Masters-2 respectively!! Bill's bench was also the best ranked him as the No. 1 Tested bench presser of All-Time! 

Interview with Greyson Williams

Interview with Pete Mahaffey

Interview with Givi Margvelashvili of Georgia

Interview with Curtis Rabon

365 - William Rinnix Raw 722 DL
Matthew Smith untested 2019 World Games Best Lifter _ Wor
365 - M. Borquez SQT.jpg
365 Strong athlete and embassidor Chad Hickam
365 - T. USSERY.jpg
365 - Edwin and Joey Byler.jpg
365 - Austin Hensley at Nationals.jpg
2019 Worlds Repeat Champ - Carolina Fitn
365 - Joe McGinnis DL.jpg
365 - Rauli post a pic for 365 Strong
365 - Givi claiming victory.jpg
365 Strong - Taylor Jackson
365 - Wyatt Plyler SQT
Nelson Rumsey 365 Strong World Record holder
365 - Givi and Bill at World Games
365 - Tammy Deloatch at Worlds.jpg
365 - Joseph Hafner at Rhinos.jpg
365 Strong World Record holder Paul Lauffer
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