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365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is Uniting the Sport of Powerlifting while Empowering the Lifter!

>Weekly 365 Strong podcasts are hosted by Chad Hickam and features commentary on the powerlifting world and interviews with the sports premiere athletes and leaders.

>Meet results, current record holders and lifter rankings are posted on this website within a few days following each event. 

>Jeff Guller writes a monthly article for Elite FTS featuring Jeff's insights, experiences and topics of discussion.

365 Strong maintains a position of promoting the athletes, hosts and our team of supporting partners that make up the foundation of this federation. 

>Kim Helm will post video via social media promoting our athletes, supporting cast of partners, meet hosts, etc.

Kentucky Powerlifting newcomer Hollie Sands featured 

Hollie Sands is a M1-Masters raw athlete and a newcomer to competitive powerlifting. Though weight training for a number of years it wasn't until recently, the summer of 2019, did she feel inspired to compete in a sanctioned competition.  Her first competition was May 25th the Kentucky Classic a push pull event in her hometown of Stanton, KY.  Under the watchful eye of IWT Gym owner and coach Wayne Hall she went 7 for 7 that day, making her 242.5 lb. world record setting 4th attempt bench press and deadlifting 440.9 lb. another record!! 

As Hollie prepares for the Kentucky State meet coming up on October 12th her training lifts are going through the roof!  This time she'll compete in full power and hopes to claim all of the current world records both for Open and M1-Masters!  We plan to live stream this event on social media.   

Bill Gillespie 308 lb. class World Record 903.9 BP at 59 years young!!  Update: Bill recently BP 914.9 lb. as a SHW!

Interview with Greyson Williams

Interview with Pete Mahaffey

Edwin Byler and Pete Mahaffey interview following the 2019 World Games.

Interview with Givi Margvelashvili of Georgia

World record holder Givi Margvelashvili from the nation of Georgia being interviewed by Edwin Byler.

Interview with Curtis Rabon

Curtis Rabon is interviewed following the 2019 World Games.

365 Strong Talk Show radio is on the air, click on the photo on the left to listen to this weeks podcast!  Our weekly show is hosted by radio personality, 365 Strong Missouri Co-Chairman and federation athlete Chad Hickam. 

Features & Topics: Special guests, federation news and notes, training strategy variables and much more!

365 - William Rinnix Raw 722 DL
Matthew Smith untested 2019 World Games Best Lifter _ Wor
365 - M. Borquez SQT.jpg
365 Strong athlete and embassidor Chad Hickam
365 - T. USSERY.jpg
365 - Edwin and Joey Byler.jpg
365 - Austin Hensley at Nationals.jpg
2019 Worlds Repeat Champ - Carolina Fitn
365 - Joe McGinnis DL.jpg
365 - Rauli post a pic for 365 Strong
365 - Wyatt Plyler SQT
Nelson Rumsey 365 Strong World Record holder
365 - Givi claiming victory.jpg
365 - Givi and Bill at World Games
365 - Joseph Hafner at Rhinos.jpg
365 Strong - Taylor Jackson
365 - Tammy Deloatch at Worlds.jpg
365 Strong World Record holder Paul Lauffer

The Q Athletic Performance Center of Mooresville, North Carolina, owned and operated by Doug Gillis, has won their bid to host several 365 Strong World Powerlifting events through 2019! 

The event lineup includes World Games qualifier, the Powerlifting Face-Off Challenge on March 9th!  This sets up the 2019 International World Powerlifting Games on May 10-12th! Then, the third big event is the Eastern USA Regional on June 22nd!

365 Strong Membership Growing throughout the US and now the World!

365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is alive and well throughout the US and the globe!  Our membership continues to grow throughout the US and at least 6 our countries.

We're pleased to support those supporting 365 SWPF athletes!

To our team of event supporters.

Thank you!

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