Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the 365 SWPF been around?

Our federation was founded in January 2016, so 2022 starts our 7th year of operations


How many members do you have?

At present our membership has grown to over 3,950 members. Approximately 76.2% are VIP Lifetime members (paid a one-time fee) and 23.8% subscribe to an Annually renewable membership. Annual members have the option of upgrading to the VIP Lifetime membership at any time.


What brand of equipment do you use on the competition platform? 

We use Dynabody Monolifts and Competition Benches, either the Kabuki or Texas Squat and Deadlift bars and a Kabuki, Eleiko or Dynabody 2000 bar for bench. We use calibrated Rogue kilo plates and collars. If our host gym possesses equivelant equipment to these brands they can be used on ocassion pending our approval.

How is the 365 SWPF different from all other federations?

Top 10 variables:

  1. Provide athletes with both “Tested” and “Untested” classifications, so everyone can compete against like competition

  2. The VIP Lifetime membership provides athletes with the most value for the dollar in the sport today

  3. Equipment approval: most all brand name products are approved for competition. Unlike other federations, with limitations and lists, we inspect all equipment for anything that could be used as an unfair advantage all lifting categories, Raw, Raw Classic, Single-Ply and Multi-Ply. So, if the material makeup of the gear meets what’s required (re: Rule Book), regardless of brand name it will be approved for use.

  4. By our actions of living up to our ongoing philosophy of promoting athletes, event hosts, sponsors and vendors via social media, etc.

  5. Implementation of strict equipment and safety guidelines. All events utilize calibrated plates and bars, monolifts (with safety straps), benches (with face guards) and custom squat, bench and deadlift bars.

  6. We create an ideal competition environment that’s conducive to maximizing athletic performance. First, we want to lesson an athlete's pre-meet anxiety by continuously communicating (via email or text) the meet information and updates competitors need to know.  Second, selecting venues that proved adequate competition and warm-up space and equipment. Third, by giving lifters the option of selecting their own walk-up song to lift to.

  7. Each meet has uniquely selected and designed awards that celebrate athletic achievement

  8. World Record certificates and certificates for achieving a particular Lifter Ranking Standard (by request), such as Elite-Pro, Master, Class I, etc. levels are provided at no additional cost to the lifters.  

  9. Kids introductory platform for children of all ages to enjoy. 

  10. Create a powerlifting culture of unity and sportsmanship for all athletes  


What different divisions do you recognize in the "Tested" and "Untested" classification?

We include all divisions in both classifications...Open, Juniors (20-23), Submasters (35-39), Masters, M/P/F, Novice, Teenage, Youth, Para-lifter and just added by athlete request the Kids Club Deadlift only (for kids 10 and under).  

For tested athletes, how do you determine who will be drug tested after the meet?

We test between 10-20% of all tested athletes following each meet. Individuals that broke a record are considered first, followed by random selections. All tested competitors are required to complete a drug test consent form prior to the meet.


What do you think about federations that suspend or fine lifters for competing in other federation sanctioned meets?

We go about our business by controlling what’s within our control. So, how other federations conduct their business is only theirs to choose. We believe in an athlete’s freedom of choice rights.


What do I need to know and what to bring at weigh-in?

Come prepared to, weigh in, give only your 1st attempts for each lift, bring your lifting gear (wraps, sleeves, singlet or suit, socks, shoes and any other accessories (like deadlift shin guards, etc.) for an equipment check, bring your 365 SWPF membership card plus we’ll confirm your bar heights for squat and bench press.

What crossover divisions can a Masters lifter compete in?

They may compete in the Open, M/P/F, Paralifter and any Masters division that is younger than the division they're in. For example a Masters-4 (55-59) athlete may also compete in all above divisions, plus M3, M2 and M1 but not in an age older than Masters-4.


What are the differences in federations, when it comes to membership fees, equipment, etc.?

Please review the links displayed below.  

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