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"Tested" Classification Policy

This is the current 365 SWPF Policy for athletes competing under the "TESTED" Classification at any 365 SWPF sanctioned drug tested event!  ("UNTESTED" Classified athletes DO NOT fall under this category.)


Testing kits and lab results are provided by Craig Medical Distribution Inc. of Vista, CA. 

If someone is suspended from this or any other Federation for Testosterone Levels greater than 6:1 and /or the Lifter's refusal to take any In Meet (IM) or Out of Meet (OM) test, they will be suspended from entering 365 SWPF  "TESTED" competition for 1 year from that date. (Athletes receiving a positive test results have the option of serving a 60 day suspension, then competing as an "Untested" competitor until which time their suspension period has been served.) 


Athletes may appeal a "failed" test result and suspension to our 365 SWPF Executive Committee.  The same appeal process is followed if any athlete from 365 SWPF or another federation, so charged, is requesting 365 SWPF approval to continue competing as an "UNTESTED" athlete. 

If a lifter knowingly competes in any 365 SWPF meet as a "TESTED" athlete while they they are suspended from another Drug Free Organization they will continue to serve their suspension as a member of the 365 SWPF for 60 days without appeal or compete immediately as an "UNTESTED" athlete until which time they've completed their 60 day suspension. 

In addition, anyone who violates our drug testing policy will have their most recent meet result and/or record  removed from our record books. 

365 SWPF offers athletes the choice of entering meets as a "TESTED" or "UNTESTED" competitor so all lifters may compete against one another on the same playing field. Stay true to yourself, your fellow athletes and our federation.  Therapeutic Use Exemptions Application Forms are available upon request. 

The list of banned substances can be found (on this site) in our 365 SWPF Rulebook.

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