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Member Benefits

365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation, is an International Powerlifting Federation, committed to unifying the sport of powerlifting throughout the globe while empowering all athletes with extraordinary events that promote lifters of all countries.  365 Strong believes in a "Lifter First" approach, highly organized, fairly judged, well planned, in an environment that's conducive to producing positive results.  Also, we go to the extreme to promote the athletes and event hosts as well as our federation supporters and followers. Once you go 365 Strong you won't go back!

365 Strong Equipment Standards
Approved Equipment - High Standards - Safety First
We believe in providing the competitors with best equipment for all of our sanctioned events. Whenever possible mono-lifts are utilized to maximize lifter safety and results.  
We also must approve all platform equipment, benches, calibrated bars and weights in kilo or pounds (announced in advance) at every event. 
365 Strong Venues
Event Venues 

All events held in venues that have the lifter and spectator best interest in mind. Though facilities vary, they must meet federation standards for lifter performance, spectator comfort, vendor visability and flow of competition. Easy access to warm-up areas is priority. All scoring is transparent, flight lifting order is continuously announced for all athletes to prepare accordingly. 

Athlete / Host Promotions and Benefits
  • We promote our lifters, supporting companies and hosts prior to, during and after all events. 

  • We believe in recognizing all of competitors, respecting their choice of competition...tested or untested, gear type and division.

  • Lifetime or Annual Membership options 

  • We connect the lifter to the companies that support 365 SWPF events.

  • Walk-up Songs are heard at every event, creating the preferred lifting environment for each athlete.

  • Awesome and unique awards are standard...36+% of our event budget goes toward competitor awards! Industry average is 15%.

  • Cash and/or gear give a ways are presented whenever possible

  • World and National Record and Elite Achievement Certificates are created and shipped at no charge to the deserving athlete.

  • Whenever possible events will be shown via live feed over social media

"Thanks to all that are over these events for keeping us informed the whole way and going above and beyond to give us details on where to go, what to do, and step by step of the entire process. You guys were awesome and I absolutely loved that we got to get pumped up to our own songs during the lifts! Definitely a different experience, but most definitely a good one." 
Joe McGinnis

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