365 - Greyson Williams
Makayla Van Meter
365 - Rocky Hall
365 - Justin Williams
365 - Derek Williams
Missy Taylor
365 - Lauri Harka
365 - Jussi Kananen
365 SWPF Team Derby
365 - Bonnie Mosley
365 - Plate Punishers Team
365 - Shelley Yates BL
365 - Jake Lewis
365 - Nebobarbell Team
365 - Triston Norris
365 - Reyhan Roybal BL Belt
365 - Tim Metcalf
365 - Lucas Pribble
365 - Melissa Smith
365 - Richardson Team Photo
365 - Chris Young
365 - USA Nationals Team Champs
365 - Emily Gilson
Bill Gillespie & Maureen Clary
365 - Lindsay Seamans - Nationals SQT
365 swpf - Doug Smithey
365 SWPF
365 - Brandon Snowder BL
Taylor Jackson world record squat!
Givi Margvelashvili of Georgia
Matthew Smith untested Best Lifter _ Wor
Shannone Nash

All events will be held as scheduled!  Go to our site blog for the latest news updates at


365 STRONG Powerlifting Federation and our World Federation 365 SWPF is committed to maintaining a culture that is built on unifying our sport and empowering to the lifter.

To maintain an environment that focuses on promoting our ATHLETES, EVENT HOSTS as well as the vast number of people that support your federation.  

To keep providing extraordinary powerlifting events on a state, regional, national or international level! 

To keep treating all athletes with respect and without discrimination, no matter the brand of competition gear they choose, whether they're a "Tested" or "Untested" athlete or the Federation they come from.    

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Jason Sharpe

I'd like to recognize how well the meet was ran and how founding chairman Bill Clary has put a big emphasis on promoting the lifters at the meets more than anything else. He truly wants a federation that is for the lifters and did everything from making sure all lifters were properly warmed up before starting flights, to giving advice between attempts and words of encouragement during and between lifts. He is all about integrity of the judging and keeping things transparent. I look forward to competing more in this federation in the future.

Jordan Richardson

Yesterday was my best meet to date, 365 Strong put on an amazing event and the whole team kicked ass, everyone hit PR totals and we brought home the best team award. So blessed to have an amazing team and group of people to train with. I couldn’t have done it without them. #teamflex

Ken Cherry

I started talking to a group of friends about the 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation. Then, another groups of guys and ladys where asking about the Federation. I was happy to give out the web site and answer question and tell them about the upcoming meets. Happy to be apart of something this great and awesome!

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