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Charlotte Strength Fest

September 7, 2024

charlotte strength fest

Pride Conditioning, 337 Dalton Ave., Charlotte, NC


Separate "Tested" & "Untested" Division Categories


World Powerlifting Games 2024 Qualifier!!



>Open     >Juniors (20-23)     >Submasters (35-39)     >Masters     >M/P/F     >Novice      >Teenage     >Masters     >Youth (11-12)     >Para-lifter    >Kids Club DL (10 & under)

Competition Categories:


>Full Power    > Push-Pull    >Squat Only    > Bench Press Only    > Deadlift Only    >Strict Curl   

Lifting Gear Categories: 


>Multi-ply    >Single-Ply    >Raw (Knee Sleeves)    >Raw Classic (Knee Wraps)

Early Weigh-In:  Friday September 6, 2024 from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm or 4:00 - 6:00 pm


All other detail is listed on the registration form.

Current Meet Roster

Step #1: Become a Lifetime Member by going to the Red Membership App button in the upper right hand corner on this page. Then, go to the PayPal button to select your Membership Plan, either VIP Lifetime or Annual.

Step #2: In order to register for this event, go to the blue "Registration Form" button at the top of the page. Proceed by completing all pertainent information requested and clicking send.  

Step #3: Proceed to the PayPal button and select your registration fee amount to pay. 

Standard Entry Breakdown: Full Power - $110,

Teen, Youth, M/P/F, Para-Lifter Full Power Fee:  $95

Single-lift only or Push Pull Entry Fee: $95 

Strict Curl Entry Fee:  $50

Kids Club Entry Fee:  #25

Crossover Fee:  $50

Team Entry Fee:  $80

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