Kentucky State & Midwest Challenge


Kentucky State Championship

& Midwest Challenge

june 11, 2022 

Cave City Convention Center, 502 Mammoth Cave Street 

Cave City, KY

Early Weigh-in Schedule - Fri. June 10th:  10:30 am - 12:30 pm and 4:00 - 6:00 pm @ meet site

Late Weigh-in Option - June 11h:  7:00 - 8:00 am

Qualifier for the 2022 World Powerlifting Games!!

Event Note: The Kentucky State meet is open to only Kentucky residence, whereas the Midwest Challenge is open to any athlete from any state. Crossover between meets is permitted!

Men & Women "Tested" & "Untested" Divisions:

(compete against like competition)

>Open   >Juniors (20-23)   >Novice   >Sub-Masters (35-39)   >Master   >M/P/F   >Teenage   

>Youth (10-12)   >Para-Lifter/Special Olympian  >Kids Club  


Men Weight Classes:  114.5, 123.5, 132.25, 148.75, 165.25, 181.75, 198.25, 220.25, 242.5, 275.5, 308.75 & SHW


Women Weight Classes:  97, 105.75, 114.5, 123.5, 132.25, 148.75, 165.25, 181.75, 198.25 & SHW  

Competitive Categories:


> Full Power (all 3 lifts)  > Push-Pull (Bench & Deadlift only)    > Squat Only     > Bench Only     > Deadlift Only    >Strict Curl


Lifting Gear Categories: 


>Unlimited Gear-Multi-ply   >Equipped-Single-Ply   >Raw (Knee Sleeves)   >Raw Classic (Knee Wraps)

Meet Features & Lifter Benefits

> Mono-Lift   >Unique / Extraordinary Awards   >Lifter Walk-up Songs   >365 STRONG Promotes our Lifters on Social Media, the website and   >Continuous Event communications to keep all informed

All Registration Fees must be Paid to be Officially Entered!

Step #1: Become a 365 SWPF Member by going to the Red Membership App button in the upper right hand corner on this page. Then, go to the PayPal button to pay your "VIP Lifetime" or "Annual" Membership Fee.


Step #2: In order to register for this event go to the yellow Online Entry button above on the left side of the page. Please list all information requested.  

Step #3: Proceed to the PayPal button and choose the registration amount from the drop down list. 


>Standard Full Power Entry Fee - $100 

>Full Power M/P/F, Youth, Teens & Special Olympians and Push Pull, SQT, BP & DL only Entry Fee:  $80 

>Crossover and/or Standing Curl Fee:  $50

>Team Entry:  $60 (rosters due by February 27th, fee due at Early Weigh-in)

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