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365 Strong Federation News Flash

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The 365 SWPF reports...exciting news heading into 2021!

  • The Juniors (20-23) and Sub-Masters (35-39) Divisions have been added to all upcoming meets and records and ranking posted

  • International expansion into Scotland is coming soon

  • The 2021 Upcoming Event Schedule has increased by 50-60% over any previous year

  • Turn to the Event Job Board to apply to work (various jobs are available) at any upcoming event

  • We will reward our future All-Time World Record holders, like no other federation

  • We have established the Annual Team Derby, paying out cash and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Membership news: 1) Retain our VIP Lifetime Membership (one-time fee) - $45 ($10 increase on February 7, 2021), 2) Annual Membership - $30 (annual renewal) and 3) Membership Upgrade to a VIP Lifetime Membership - $30 (for all former and current members)

  • We wish to thank YOU...our 365 Strong membership, all international referees and meet personnel, our awesome event hosts and the growing support of event partners who's commitment will make 2021 extraordinary!!

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