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365 SWPF...Tribute to the Strong...Plan Return to the Platform

COVID-19 continues to threaten our health and entire way of life. So, now what?

First and foremost we pay tribute to all of the front line professionals that stay strong each and every day in the face of an invisible enemy. Our deepest thanks and prayers go out to the many medical & health workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and military professionals as well as the often overlooked cast of professionals (farmers, truck drivers, etc.) and volunteers for your daily display of strength so the rest of us stay safe is nothing short of heroic!

Personally I want to recognize my son who's a firefighter, two nieces who have recently begun medical careers, a nephew who's a physician, two sister-in-law physicians, one brother-in-law physician, my mother-in-law a head nurse and many of our 365 SWPF family members who go to work daily helping others despite the risk. We wish to honor you and your family and friends fight against this pandemic through your posts on social media.

Difficult as it may seem, it's up to all of us to appreciate the slow process of regaining our normal lifestyle and daily routines. More specifically, "we must walk before we can run." However, run we will.

Moving forward our plan calls for following federal, state and local COVID-19 guidelines while still getting our athletes back on the platform! So, after much thought and discussion, the initial step in bringing our sport back is through a series of smaller meets we're calling the Backyard Challenger Series. These events will hosted in controlled settings, namely privately owned venues (garage, driveway, backyard patio, etc.). Scheduling to privately host such an event is now available! Separate events will be held each weekend beginning on June 13th and going through August 15th! We anticipate returning to our regular event schedule beginning on August 22nd - Kentucky Power Revolution, September 19th - Charlotte Strength Fest and October 17-18th - 2020 World Powerlifting Games & World Bench Face-Off.

So, stay strong, stay healthy and stay the course! When you're ready to go 365 SWPF and the platform will be there for you!

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