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Backyard Challenger Competition begins in June!

We're only one month away from our first of six currently scheduled meets in the Backyard Challenger Series! That first meet will be held in Cornelius, NC at Daining Dedication on June 13th. Meets that follow include: June 27, Forest, VA; July 11, Concord, NC; July 18, Fayetteville, NC; July 25, Evansville, IN and August 1, N. Wilkesboro, NC. Two more meets may be added soon!

Meet Equipment Note:  365 SWPF ensures that all series meet host's will only use equipment that's been pre-approved for competition use. Including, calibrated kilo plates, collars and bars, competition bench and a monolift or squat rack. Meet's with monolift access include the following, Borek's Home Gym, Rhinos Gym and Muzz's Gym. Daining Dedication and Gillespie's Home Gym will provide ER squat racks. The Grind meet in Evansville, IN has been designated as a Push Pull, Bench and Deadlift only meet.

The Backyard Challenger Series is designed to minimize athlete risk, by enforcing all local health and safety guidelines during the Cornavirus Pandemic, while still providing them with sanctioned meets in a controlled environment. Once restrictions have been removed we will continue our regularly scheduled event schedule which is now p

rojected to begin on August 22nd at the Kentucky Power Revolution. This is followed by the Charlotte Strength Fest on September 19th and the 2020 World Powerlifting Games & World Bench Face-off on October 17-18th in Charlotte, NC!

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