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COVID-19 Forces Postponement of 2020 World Powerlifting Games

March 29, 2020

To our 365 SWPF Family,

I trust that this announcement finds you and your family and friends safe and doing as well as can be expected under the present circumstances.

365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation primary responsibility is to the health and well-being of our athletes, coaches, hosts, officials, referees, our event partners and our powerlifting friends throughout the nation and world. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and 365 SWPF is committed to being responsive to your needs, as this situation develops.

This pandemic is worrisome for us all. We need to be responsible and do our part by following the laws and guidelines set by your local and national governments. Please check in on your family members, friends and your training partners. Now, like at no other time, we need to value what we have to lose, not what we don’t have.

We will continue to monitor the situation and immediately communicate any event changes or news updates. As soon as restrictions are lifted or loosened enough to train, we will be posting open gyms or supplemental sites (like garage gyms, etc.) in locations throughout the nation and globe.

Since many of you have not had or will not have access to your training facility now and the near future the 2020 World Powerlifting Games and World Bench Face-Off, slated for May 2-3, 2020, will be postponed. Though we must stay flexible and sensitive to what’s outside of our control, optimistically we announce that the event has been moved to June 6-7, 2020.

Or, a projected four to six weeks once the Coronavirus Pandemic is under control and gyms reopen.

Please send an email to when your training facility does reopen to post on our website for those seeking a training site and to allow us another way to monitor progress.

2020 World Powerlifting Games (and Bench Face-Off) registration will continue through May 11th.

We want to thank the hundreds of 365 SWPF members for sharing with us your member survey insights and thoughts.

We request that you continue to follow the decisions of your government as this is in the best interest for all of us, so we all may continue with our normal lives and competing in a sport we love.

May God’s Blessing be with each you, stay healthy and safe!!


Bill Clary


365 SWPF

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