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Post COVID-19 Federation Action Plan in Place

With no definitive end in sight, the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus Pandemic is forcing all of humanity down a path of speculation and indecision. Yesterday President Trump met with executives of all major spectator sports to share updates and to gain their individual and collective perspectives on how and in what form their sport can return.

For one, baseball is working on a plan to come back in June, that includes frequent testing of team personnel, initially no fans, with games scheduled in venues located in areas where COVID-19 poses the least threat. NFL Football has a virtual rookie draft coming up in one week and a 2020 schedule laid-out with no dates identified to play those games.

So, what’s the 365 SWPF plan to return to action? First, we must deal with the reality and scope of the situation. Realistically an initial return of our sport will not mirror the one we left in March. Second, once the restrictions on society lesson and gyms are reopened, then what...

Short & Long Term - Plan of Action

Long Term Meet Schedule resumes in August 2020

Step #1

October 17-18, 2020 New Date!

2020 World Powerlifting Games / 2020 World Bench Face-Off

Mountain Island Fitness, Charlotte, NC

(2020 U.S. Nationals is canceled due to World Games rescheduling)

Step #2

Date Change: From June 27th to the new date August 22nd of 2020

Kentucky Power Revolution

Greensburg, KY

Step #3

Keep the original date of September 19, 2020

Charlotte Strength Fest

Pride Conditioning, Charlotte, NC

Short Term Action Plan: begins once social distancing restrictions are manageable. This will support the athletes that did have access to equipment and did continue their training and wish to compete sooner.

Action Step

Beginning immediately, schedule the following:

Backyard Challenger Series I

We know it’ll take time before society gets back to normal. So, we’ve devised a plan whereby a series of sanctioned private smaller meets that limit lifter participation to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 lifters (or allowable number). The first events will begin as soon as it’s permitted, by federal or state restriction standards, and will continue at least until August 2020. Events will be held in private venues, backyards, garages, driveways, parking lots or wherever there’s a solid flat surface, big enough to lay down a platform. We will either furnish or pre-approve all equipment used on the platform.

All Backyard Challenger Series results will be accumulated as one event and put into an all-inclusive database to determine the final overall divisional and weight class placement winners and best lifter awards.

Event host consideration is based on the following criteria:

· Must possess or have applied for a 365 SWPF Membership

· Possess a privately owned facility or space in which to stage the event

· All participants must pay their registration fees prior to the deadline date

· Adhere to all federation rules and policies

· Adhere to your areas COVID-19 social distancing demands

· Want to be considered? Let us know ASAP via email at or call (704) 236-1899!

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