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Update - COVID-19 Impact on Sports World

As most of you have already read or seen on recent media reports the impact that COVID-19 has had on all sport organizations has been devastating. Through it all we continue to pray for the health of our athletes, your family and friends and all of humanity through these extreme times.

As federation chairman, my priority is to you, maintaining an open line of communication that provides you with updates on event postponements due to unavoidable circumstances. As a former powerlifter and intense competitor, I feel your frustration regarding delays and gym closings, I also feel your resolve and character to stay the course and still achieve your goals despite these barriers.

As the leader of your federation I remain optimistic on our short and long term future together. However, I will not risk taking any ill advised chances as long as this pandemic remains a threat.

Since we are dealing with a situation out of anyone's control, we'll continue to monitor the situation and by no later than the middle of next week announce our immediate plans to, 1) keep the date of 2020 World Powerlifting Games as June 6-7th or 2) postpone the event to a date within the 2020 calendar year that will be risk free and allow athletes to get back to their gym and gain additional training time to prepare.

Talk to you all again very soon.

Stay extraordinary,

Bill Clary

Federation Chairman

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