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USA Nationals moved back a week

Some of you may have already become aware of the challenges we would face in N. Wilkesboro by having our USA Nationals on the weekend of April 29-30th.

Seems the Merlefest Music Festival planned to have their event on that same weekend and by doing so it's raised the following concerns:

1) There are no more hotel rooms available in the Wilkesboro area. Plus, the hotels that are available are 20+ miles away and even they've jacked up their rates due to this same event.

2) Restaurants will be swamped

3) Traffic will test patience

So, we have reached the following conclusion:

We will move the USA Nationals out one the weekend of May 6 & 7th. This date change is not done by choice but necessity, then hotels will be available at regular rates and restaurant availability and traffic concerns will be minimized.

As planned, all Male & Female Raw/Raw Classic athletes will compete on Saturday May 6th! With early weigh-in Friday May 5th.

All Male & Female Equipped/Geared athletes will compete on Sunday May 7th! With early weigh-in Saturday May 6th.

Schedule changes on the website and social media sites will be made today!

Though any change is not ideal, not making these changes now would bring a lot more hardships for everyone involved!

Thank you for your understanding!! Make the most of the extra training week and we'll see you a little later than sooner.

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