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What's New in 2022?!

The 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is excited to announce several immediate additions for 2022!

1) We're presently identifying our federation's Hall of Fame Selection Committee. They will be finalizing the eligibility requirements or the list of parameters for what makes someone a worthy candidate for the initial nomination and later (following a committee review of each nominee) induction. Once the committee agrees on all eligibility parameters the process of identifying former or present athletes, leaders and contributors the selection steps will commence. We will be introducing our 2022 HOF inductees at the World Powerlifting Games on Friday October 21st and each year at the same time thereafter.

2) Female weight classes have been expanded to include 220.25 lb/100 kg, 242.5 lb/110 kg and 242.6+ lb/110.1+ kg.

3) Membership prices will increase slightly on February 15, 2022, but still remain the most reasonably priced in the sport. Also, for a limited time only, current and former Annual members may upgrade to a VIP Lifetime Membership!

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