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World Games of Power 2023 

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october 20-22, 2023

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​WORLD power


 lift challenger 

World Games of Power 2023

Host:  Mountain Island Fitness, 10030 Callabridge Ct., Charlotte, North Carolina

Separate "Tested" & "Untested" Classifications

The World Games of Power 2023 is an International or World event, open to all 


"Tested" and "Untested" athletes. Athletes compete against like competition!


Qualifying options are listed below:

1) Be a current member of the 365 SWPF
2) Upon request, athletes may be considered to receive an Official In
Power Lift for Reps Competition Categories:
> Bench Press   > Deadlift   >Strict Curl   >Cheat Curl

Power Lift Challenger Determining Factors: 

Power Lift Challenger (for reps) determining factors: Athletes compete for reps in 1 or up to 4 different lifting categories, in this order Bench Press, Deadlift, Strict Curl and Cheat Curl. The amount of weight on the bar is determined by gender, age and/or division, lift and actual body weight x a predetermined percentage of body weight. Remember, Power Lift Challenger events are maximum rep contests, not to be mistaken for single lift Powerlifting competitions. Standard “Open” averages in weight percentages for each lift: Bench – within 5 lb. of 100% for males, 60% for females; Deadlift – 125% for males and 100% females; Strict Curls – 50% for males and 25-33% females; Cheat Curls – 70% for males and 45% females. Percentages may be adjusted based on the lifters Division plus other previously stated factors. 


 Lifting Categories:


>Raw is Standard...wrist and knee wraps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves for deadlift and cheat curls are all permitted

Male & Female Divisions:

  • Open (No age requirement)

  • Juniors (20-23)

  • Masters (40-44; 45-49; 50-54; etc.)

  • Submasters (35-39)

  • Teenage (13-15; 16-17; 18-19)

  • Military/Police/Fire Fighters
  • Para-Lifters / Special Olympians


Athletes that are flying in from various parts of the United States or from other nations can fly into Charlotte Douglas International, Charlotte, NC (only 6 mi. from the host venue).  

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Friday October 20th @ 6:30 pm:  Intro: Former HOF Inductees, HOF Class of 2023, Event Host, Sponsors, Vendors. Hall of Fame Inductees introduction/celebration.

Please Read!!

Athletes that are also competing in World Powerlifting Games may choose Saturday or Sunday to compete in any weight class in this separate (from the powerlifting) rep competition. Please let us know which day you plan to lift in this event!

>Friday October 20th Early Weigh-ins for Saturday October 21st World Power Lift Challenger:

 Females/All Divisions - Weight Classes - [97 lb/44 kg - 123.5 lb/56 kg (formula)], [132.2 lb/60 kg - 165.3 lb/75 kg (formula)], [181.8 lb/82.5 kg - 198.4 lb/90 kg (formula)], [220.4 lb/100 kg - 242.6+lb/110.1+kg (formula)]

Males/All Divisions - Weight Classes - [114.6 lb/52 kg - 132.2 lb/60 kg (formula)], [148.8 lb/67.5 kg - 165.3 lb/75 kg (formula)],


>Saturday October 21st Early Weigh-ins and Sunday October 22nd World Power Lift Challenger: 

Males/All Divisions - Weight Classes - [181.8 lb/82.5 kg - 198.4 lb/90 kg (formula)], [220.4 lb/100 kg - 242.5 lb/110 kg (formula)], [275.5 lb/125 kg - 308.6+lb/140.1+kg (formula)]

Early Weigh-In Times:

Early Weigh-In Friday October 20th, Times:  9:00 am-12:00 pm or 4:00-6:00 pm (for October 21st competitors) and Saturday October 21st  from 6:45-7:45 am, 10:30 am-12:00 noon or 3:00-5:00 pm (for October 22nd competitors).

Late Weigh-In:  6:45 - 7:45 am (Sat. & Sun.)


Rules Meeting on meet day is lated to start at 11:00 am. Competition starts at 1:00 pm each day. (subject to change)

Lift Order - By Event:  1) Bench Press, 2) Deadlift, 3) Strict Curl, 4) Cheat Curl

Event Tickets are good for both the World Power Lift Challenger and the World Powerlifting Games!

Membership: Go to the PayPal button to select your preferred Membership Plan:

All Athletes must have either a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP or current



Registering: In order to register for this event go to the red "Registration Form" button at the top of the page. Complete by filling out the form and clicking "send".  

Payment Options: Proceed to the PayPal button and select the appropriate payment option.  

>All 4-Lift Standard Registration Fee:  $140

>Any 3-Lift Registration Fee:  $120

>Any 2-Lift Registration Fee:  $85

>Any 1-Lift Registration Fee:  $50

>Division Crossover Fee:  $30

*Other forms of payment options, such as Cash App, Venmo, etc. are avilable upon request!

Mail Checks or Money Orders to: 365 SWPF, PO Box 253, Fort Mill, SC 29716  

Event Partners

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