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  • Hall of Fames Class of 2022 Announced! Each year a new annual class will be nominated and inducted prior to the World Powerlifting Games!

  • Preferred Standard Meet Equipment: Consists of the following, Monolift (Dynabody), Competition Bench w/face savers (Dynabody), Calibrated Kilo plates and Bars - Texas Squat & Deadlift, Kabuki Squat & Deadlift, F8 Bench & Squat, Eliko and Dynabar2000 for Bench. We're offering 365 Strong discounts on all Dynabody Equipment and F8 Bench & Deadlift Bars at our online store!

  • Division Best Lifter Awards for the World Powerlifting Games will be Championship Belts!

  • World Games Roster Status: As announced previously the daily meet roster will be limited to 60 lifters per day or 120 competitors total! As today, September 1st we have filled 65% or 78 roster spots!! Athletes hoping to qualify at the Charlotte Strength Fest or Northeast Face-Off may register once you qualify!

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