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Road to World Powerlifting Games 2021

There are several ways an athlete may qualify to compete at World Powerlifting Games 2021:

1) You've achieved a Qualifying Total or Lift in any sanctioned meet from any federation. 2) You won your division / weight class at the 2020 or 2019 World Powerlifting Games or any 2021 365 Strong qualifying meet throughout the meet being the Charlotte Strength Fest on September 18th! 3) Upon request, athletes may receive an Official Invitation, taking past results into consideration.

4) You presently hold a 365 Strong Regional or World record.

5) Your Gym, Team or Country receives a Group Invitation (all group members may participate)

The World Powerlifting Games 2021 will feature:

>Awesome awards for 1st thru 3rd place in every divisional weight class

>Championship Belts and Japanese Samurai Swords for division Best Lifters

>Drawings for gear Give-a-Ways

>All Paid Entries prior to September 15th receive one free Coaches pass, plus their own VIP seating access

How to Register for World Powerlifting Games 2021:

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